Not Productivity Chair

Price on request

You have them in overdose in your house, when you need it you don't have them and your house is full of them? Pens... How nice is it to have a company pen and hand it out to your employees and clients? Another pen we hear them thinking. Behind this merchandise industry lie mountains of pens that are not used and take on a life of their own in drawers and cupboards. One day we were asked by two pen collectors (there are even associations for this, see photo) if we wanted to take over their collection because they have enough to keep writing all their lives. We processed these pens in this chair to bring the merchandise problem to light. Just ordering unlimited stuff to give away is something we need to think about, does this product really add any value? There are enough pens, we think.

Dimensions: 41 x 55 x 77.5 cm

Material: 100% recycled acrylic, 6000 pens

Unica 1/1