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Shell lamp

Shell lamp


The thin veneer slats allow beautiful soft light to pass through, so that the rising sun always shines in your bedroom. In the Shell Lamp, craftsmanship and aesthetics come together in perfect harmony. With its timeless design, it brings a touch of natural beauty and tranquility to any room.

 The shell is lovingly and always turned locally (Brummen) by Otto Koedijk. He does everything himself; sawing or pruning the trees, drying and of course turning. And that with missing fingers. A true legend and a great example for me personally. Also the man who led me to the HMC, where I started in 2017.

 This version was already published during my student days, 7 years ago. I kept this for my own use, and it has been next to my bed ever since.

 Small version: 11 x 14.24 cm, €245 (as photo)

 Normal version: 17.8 x 23 cm, €513.11

 Large version: 28.8 x 37.28 cm, €1074.64

 See also Light Years information at the Golden Light and become a collector!

 The light will be shipped no later than August.

  • Light source

  • 10 year warranty

    Because I have been using my lamp with complete satisfaction for 7 years, I give a 10-year warranty with normal use.

    Included; lamp and dimmer

    Except for; fall damage

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