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No Waste Chairs

On this page you will find all No Waste Chairs projects by Kees Dekkers. If you are interested in a work, please let us know via Contact Form.

No Waste Pen (edition of 1, available)

Created by a donation made by two pen collectors. This uniquely filled chair represents diversity, each pin has its own place and function to keep the chair standing. 

Pennen stoel -3.jpg
No Waste a Toy (edition of 6, available)

This unique and playful No Waste Chair is a real eye-catcher for any home or office space. The chair is filled with second-hand, no longer suitable for sale, toys and designed to influence your purchasing behavior. This No Waste Chair will certainly be a conversation starter. Are you going to try to buy sustainable or second-hand toys for Christmas this year?

Speelgoed pers.JPG
Wooden Curls Chair (edition of 12, available)

In the furniture industry, thousands of bags of wood shavings are thrown away every day. Can't we do anything with pure oak and nuts? No, all small furniture makers are too small for a good processing process.

Houtkrul N_E pers.jpg
No Waste Cigarette (edition of 3, available)

All 50,000 cigarettes were cleared from the ground by hand, one by one. Every day, 450 of these seats can be filled in the Netherlands alone. 

The North Sea Foundation is thanked very much for picking up these and all other cigarettes to fill these seats.

No Waste a Smell (edition of 3, available) 

I had countless leftover perfume bottles from the collaboration with ICI Paris. This chair symbolizes the abundance of scents and the opulence of luxury. Who are you actually wearing a fragrance for and does it justify the hundreds of euros? Is perfume perhaps the most capitalistic product ever? Unveiled during Paris Design Week, this chair stands in the heart of Paris as an artistic reflection on these questions.

No Waste a Smell Paris-8.jpg
No Waste a Derby (edition of 6, available)

During a tough game of football, many balls are kicked off that are often no longer reused. Too bad, because the production of these balls does not score many points for sustainability. This football No Waste Chair is our leader for less waste in the football industry. Deposit on balls?

Derbystar zijkant R.jpg

We have the most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, tens of kilos of fishing nets, oil and tar chunks wash up there every day and people leave all kinds of things behind, towels, cans, butts and drinks bottles...

No Waste Beach Chair
Afval 2 stoel -1.jpg
Covid Chair (edition of 6, available)

During the corona pandemic, a production error occurred when making the sticks. Millions of puncture sticks were almost on the street. 

No Waste Chair Neusstaafjes.jpg
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